The emergence of power meters for running

December 11, 2016

Up until recently, the only way running power has been measured has been via a laboratory setting using ground impact force plates. There’s now a new performance measurement tool for runners on the market, and […]

Essential guide to running with a backpack

December 7, 2016

Trail running has some unique gear requirements. Carrying life’s essentials on your back will be both liberating and physically challenging but below you can find some guidelines on what to look out for to make […]

Effects alcohol may have on you as an athlete

December 5, 2016

Muscle health is the key to successful athletic performance, and science shows that alcohol can rob you. Alcohol has a diuretic property that can lead to rapid dehydration and decreased athletic performance. Read the article below […]

The 12 Secrets of Success

December 4, 2016

What really improves performance? Coach Hal Higdon shares a few of his secrets on how to unlock your potential on the run. These tips can be used across many other sporting disciplines as well.   […]