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The main objective of Everfit is to help you find a level of fitness and form that will add quality to your life. Fame and fortune do not find everyone, but everyone can find fitness, so get fit and enjoy all the qualities that come with it. The truth is, money cannot buy fitness, which makes it a very valuable commodity. Everfit also believes a fit body lends itself to housing a sound mind, and this holistic approach aims to embrace  a wholesome lifestyle. Everfit also advocates interacting with nature as much as possible.

Regarding activities and coaching, Everfit focuses on swimming, cycling and running. They are the main disciplines of triathlon, but road running, trail running, duathlon, mountain biking, road biking and other related sports form part of the coaching programs and life style.

Everfit wants to help you find the best physical form you can be, together with all the mental qualities that come with it. To be the best you can be in that regard is just that: the best you can be. The truth is, you are a physical being. Your body determines your quality of life as much as your mind does for your time on Mother Earth. Make the most of it.

Everfit coaching programs are designed to help you achieve and maintain your best physical form, facilitated by specific goals such as weight targets and races. Races include a.o. Ironman, Ironman 70.3, Xterra, road/trail running and mountain/road biking races.