Back to the wow factor – customize your Garmin 735XT to be as unique as you are.


The only thing that limits the 735XT’s customizability is your imagination. Other than downloading hundreds of apps and watch faces, you are free to design your own. We all differ in terms of what we like and that makes us unique. Your 735XT will follow obediently in your footsteps. Just connect it to the Garmin Connect IQ store, download apps and make your watch as unique as you would like it to be. If you still don’t know, they are all for free. Gratis. Mahala.

From dress watch to fur baby lovers, they are all there.

Your apps can be complex, such as 7 data fields for activities like running and cycling, which allow you to see a wide spectrum of data at a glance. At first it could be quite confusing to process multiple fields with one peek whilst running, but the brain steps up to it quite quickly. Don’t give up at first sight, allow many. Once your brain turns to photogenic mode, you’ll surprise yourself.

Other times a simple, one screen animated data field like heart rate zones in colour is perfect for indoor cycling when you want to stick to zones and nothing else. Feeling like a lab rat and the scientist simultaneously has a kick of its own. The nice thing is you get to listen to iTunes on the treadmill. The hamster does not.

If you are an avid supporter of Man United, there is even a watch face you can download with their coat of arms. If you want “Donald Trump for president” on your watch, you’ll have to design yourself. I could not find it.

The basic goal of customization is efficiency, but the great spin-off is that you never get bored with your watch. It stays interesting because week after week a new app makes its appearance that adds value to your life.

Knock yourself out and make your Garmin 735XT as interesting as you want it. And change it the next day. Why not? Enjoy!

Simply connect to the Garmin Connect IQ store to download apps:

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