Christmas in winter for the the Anna Foundation children – courtesy of your participation in the Olyfberg Summit Challenge

The Anna Foundation kids strutting their brand new sneakers.

If you want to see happiness in action, check out these Anna Foundation children from Riverside Primary, Robertson. 46 Kids got what we often take for granted: a pair of brand new quality tekkies! This was made possible courtesy of your participation in the Olyfberg Summit Challenge, presented by Amoija events on the 4th of June 2016. Read this heart warming letter thanking each runner and any other person that made a donation.

“On behalf of the Anna Foundation children, their parents, our facilitators and staff I would like to thank you, your emcee, all at Amoija Events, and all your Olyfberg trail runners who made a contribution – big or small – towards the purchase of tekkies for the Anna Foundation children who took part in the fun run.  After much careful thought, we decided to look into quality shoes, simply because the children walk a fair distance to and from school on dirt roads and we want the shoes to last.  With money from the Olyfberg run and a few other individuals’ donations we were able to purchase a pair of shoes for all 46 Anna Foundation children attending Riverside Primary!  The tekkies were distributed on Monday afternoon (the same day they received their much-needed, brightly coloured rain jackets) so it must have felt like Christmas!  You can see from the photos how delighted the children are and we just want to thank you for your caring attitude and for helping us to look after these children through the contribution on behalf of Amoija Events. Thank you!!!

Fundraising can take place at any time, actually, and with any event in mind and I will gladly assist/coach newbie fundraisers in terms of how to get set up on GivenGain or BackaBuddy etc.  I am just asking as we need to tap into more running circles and perhaps this is a good time to do it. I am simply asking and whether you would be happy to put it out there for us.  If not, I understand (if I don’t ask, I’ll never know).

Thank you again!

Kind regards

Carolyn Clark”

Getting bright yellow rain jackets on the same day felt like Christmas in winter!
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