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Christian Greyling celebrating victory

PIETERMARITZBURG, 19 JULY 2017 – Christiaan Greyling (Jeep Team/Salomon/Garmin) completed the 150km Racing Madagascar Ultra Trail Stage Race and finished 6th overall and 1st in the Senior I category, racing at an average pace of 04:36min/km.

The annual event, which took place from the 11th to 16th July 2017, hosted 29 runners – 21 Malagasy runners and eight foreign runners made up of three South Africans, three Americans, one Argentinian and one Swede.

Racing Madagascar Ultra Trail took place in the northern region of Madagascar in 6 stages over 6 days, starting at the Beomalona Waterfall and ending at the Diego Suarez Townhouse some 150km away.

Chritiaan’s wife and champion trail runner, Landie Greyling, achieved 1st in the Women’s Overall, and is the second SA runner to have been awarded the famous Alohalo trophy (Malagasy totem) after Thabang Elias Madiba, who won it last year. Estrine Rasoa was awarded 1st Senior II category; Hajanirina Hajanirina was awarded 1st in the Men’s Overall and 1st Junior I category; Christiaan Greyling was awarded 1st in the Senior I category, and Nasser Housseny was awarded 1st in the Junior II category.

landie and christiaan _ madagascar finish
The trail running couple, Christiaan and Landie prove that with hard work and dedication nothing is impossible

Says Greyling, “Madagascar was a crazy experience, an amazing journcey, and a cultural experience of note. It was the fastest racing I’ve done in a long time. The super-talented Madagascan athletes are so fast, and beat me properly in the overall category. I finished 6th overall and 1st in the Senior One category. Very happy with this result. Thank you to ‘Racing Madagascar’ for an incredible week!”

The Stages
Stage 1 of the race covered 20km and 647m of elevation gain between Beomalona Waterfall and Anivorano village. Greyling finished the stage in 7th place in a time of 01:37:35.

Stage 2, considered the hottest stage, covered 26km from Anivorano Village to Irodo River, and passed by arid crests with a temperature of 30 – 35°C. Greyling completed the stage in 01:47:13.

Stage 3 travelled 27.1km from Irodo River to Ankerika Village. This stage is the most spectacular, featuring the famous Tsingy Rouge stone formations. Greyling finished in 6th place with a time of 02:07:42.

Stage 4, the longest and toughest stage of the race, travelled 41.8km from Ankerika Village to Ampondrafeta Beach. Crossing several fishermen villages and a Baobab forest, Greyling finished in a time of 02:24:05, ending the day in 5th place overall.

Stage 5 of the race started at Ampondrafeta Beach and finished in Andovokonko Bay. Greyling finished the 28km beach-to-beach stage in 02:21:48, ending in 6th place overall.

Stage 6, the last and shortest stage, covered 10km from Andovokonko Bay to the finish line at Diego Suarez. With timing stopping at 7km, Greyling completed the journey in 00:28:13. He finished the 150km Ultra Trail in 6th place overall in accumulated time of 10:46:36.

Results – Racing Madagascar Ultra Trail
1. Hajanirina Hajanirina (MAD)09:48:24
2. Jacquis Justin (MAD)09:53:33
3. Housseny Nasser (MAD)09:57:58
6. Christiaan Greyling (RSA)10:46:36

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