Team Everfit versus the Fairview Dryland Traverse – are we up to it?


The prologue taking the runners through the majestic Cango Caves. Photo: Zoon Cronje

With a prologue through the Cango Caves, followed by three days of traversing the Karoo, excitement was sky high when a Fairview Dryland Traverse media entry came EverFit’s way courtesy of sister company DirtJam. Fresh off the successful Cape Ultra triathlon, Team EverFit, consisting of Nicol Muller and Frank Smuts, now have to get ready for four days of serious trail running, 3-6 November. With only a month left to hone our trail running skills for this prestigious event, we had to ask ourselves the same question every participant needs to ask: how ready will we be? Team EverFit will also have to come up with a race video each day and some energy needs to be reserved to get that done after each race. Thanks goes to Everfit’s technical partner Navworld, for setting us up with a Garmin VIRB action video camera to get this job done.

Photo: Zoon Cronje

For the prologue that takes runners through the majestic and mystical Cango caves, our fitness, or the lack thereof, will take a back seat to adrenaline. The 7.4 Km prologue promises to be out of this world, literally. Still, 480 meters of climbing over 7.4 Km will tax the legs a bit. It is short and Team EverFit will survive it, but we will take care not to roll an ankle or incur any other injury. A selfie with awesome stalactites as back drops or two might even happen. Good sleep should set us up for day two.

Photo: Zoon Cronje

Stage one might do more damage to Team Everfit. With 27 Km and 1290 m elevation, fatigue will definitely set in and many a tumble or ankle snap can occur when focus gets lost down tricky single track. As we all know, the first 5 kilometres ascent will remind us of the previous day’s fun and the legs will get a good wake up call.  All along we would also want to take in the awesome scenery of the Swartberg Pass. The last six kilometres of descending single track will surely ask for focused focus, and that is just what we’ll be aiming on our way back to De Hoek.

Photo: Zoon Cronje

Stage two will once again stretch us to the limit, even though the elevation over 23 kilometres is “only” 890 metres. But a race is as hard as you make it. Flat or steep, your pace determines the effort. The highlight will obviously be standing on the wall of the Raubenheimer dam, so we’ll be looking forward to that. From there it is back to De Hoek, but that last kilometer of climbing will be waiting. At least the theme party that night will be something to look forward too.

The theme party after stage 2 should get the adrenaline back in the system for the last day. Photo: Zoon Cronje

The third and last stage, fun as it may be, will be our last opportunity to regain pride and dignity if we under-performed at any of the previous stages. After all, you can throw in everything into the day knowing it is the last day. Team EverFit will go ballistic on all levels, be it racing, recovering, partying, and blogging. From Team Evefit, Frank and Nicol, we wish all runners  the best, and see you on the start line. Stay uninjured and show up well rested for the 2016 Fairview Dryland Traverse.





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