The Garmin 735XT – 24/7 activity tracking plus training logs – all in one.


24/7 activity tracking is the latest life style buzz-word, and the Garmin 735XT, with its wrist based heart rate monitoring does it flawlessly. But are the benefits more than a free smoothie from your medical aid? Agreed, after quite a few free smoothies, your 735XT would have paid for itself, but there’s got to be more than that. 

Regarding steps, do you fall short or not? According to your age, weight and size, there is a level of activity required to burn your daily kilojoule intake, preventing it from turning into fat. And as we all know, fat and all its negative spin-offs like cholesterol are the things that make you a liability for your medical aid. For them a free smoothie per week is a bargain in comparison to open heart surgery. The step counter will tell you right away whether you are heading for that operating table or whether you’ll be sipping smoothies for years to come.

Training activities get logged individually on the timeline with all their own detail, but of immense value is to see what your heart rate does after, and in between activities. For instance, if it stays high for too long after a training session, you can draw certain conclusions regarding your fitness, possible over training, your training program, sleep, rest, and other factors. As a 24/7 activity tracker, your 735XT will tell you, and it will be up to you to adjust all of it accordingly.

How your daily activities are displayed on Garmin Connect mobile. One tap takes you to the finer detail of the logs. Effortless tracking, 24/7.

Sleep is quite fascinating. Dark blue is good sleep, light blue is light sleep and pink is time awake. Just go to bed. You don’t tell your watch anything. The 735XT figures out by itself when you are sleeping, what your regular sleeping hours are, and how much that regular bed time gets abandoned, or not. It also shows your level of movement during sleep. So, if you wake up feeling like a train went over you, you’ll have the proof. 

Imagine what Sleeping Beauty’s log would have looked like. Probably shorter than this one.

 24/7 heart rate measurement will give you a clear indication whether your resting, average and maximum heart rates fall within acceptable parameters. Once again, a definite heart rate elevation over an extended period for no reason you know of, could point to possible stress factors, onset of illness, lack of sleep and other factors. Even a too low heart rate has its own story to tell.

 The Garmin 735XT contains tech features that would have filled up a room or two ten years ago. Use it to your advantage. You only live once, so try to make it as long as possible. Your 735XT will help you.

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