The Garmin 735XT – The great functions we miss out on


99,9% of athletes use a sports GPS sports watch and if it is a Garmin 735XT, you have a really good watch. If you are a gadget junkie that gets revved up by the next best thing, chances are you will jump for it, having never used the 735XT to its full capacity. It’s like ditching a girlfriend/boyfriend for all the wrong reasons. So which are these great qualities and functions that we don’t use?

The first and most obvious: programming workouts and intervals. If you have never programmed a swim, bike or run workout and trained with it, you are depriving yourself. Sticking to the audio beeping of the workout you’ve uploaded will make you fitter that any arbitrary jog that consists of a stop/start button-press, will ever. Read up about speed workouts, get some from your friends and construct a workout. It will take you to the next level. Your 735XT is made to do this.

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Running a course, widget short cuts, programming a workout and broadcasting heart rate are some of many sophisticated functions of the 735XT that sometimes go unused.

Re-ride or run a course. Have you ever wanted to go back to an MTB or trail race course and redo it to figure out how you could’ve done it better? The problem is, with the route markers gone, you will get lost. Simply save the race as a course and sync it to your 735XT. Just get to the starting point and you’ll get turn by turn navigation for the entire course.

The 735XT can broadcast your heart rate. Did you know your 735XT can broadcast heart rate to other devices like the Garmin Edge, that relies on a heart rate strap. That means you can cycle without a heart rate strap when using your Edge and let your 735XT’s wrist heart rate recording do the job. It also can connect to Garmin Varia rear view radar, Varia Vision etc. The list goes on.

Even widgets are sometimes overlooked and the simplicity they add to your life falls by the wayside. For instance, the Bluetooth controls widget eliminates the necessity to go into the settings menu for Bluetooth connectivity, syncing your watch, and finding your phone.

There are many more features that get overlooked. You’ll be surprised what your 735XT offers. It falls just short from making you breakfast.  When the TV show gets boring, go online and read the manual like it’s the best story book you have ever read. It might up end being just that. Allow your 735XT to add value to your great sporting life in abundance.


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