The new CASCO FULL AIR RCC  mountain bike helmet – next level protection and looks.


The Casco Full Air RCC helmet breaks new ground in terms of the latest design and safety features that are gaining ground in mountain biking. The influence of enduro style helmets have become more and more evident lately. Enduro cycling, being more prone to the negative effects of gravity when things go wrong, brought on the necessity of higher all-round head protection. Recent mountain bike helmets are starting to incorporate the added safety features of enduro style helmets. The only thing is, in terms of looks, the enduro style might be a passion killer for some. In this regard, the Casco Full Air RCC excels. It is made for cross country and marathon biking, with the new features, and still ticks the box for good looks.

The space between your dome and the top of the helmet is significantly high, so much so that you can literally see through the helmet when facing it from the front. Great for a severe hit on the cranium. The sides and back of the helmet drops down low and meet the enduro approach in this manner, securing an exceptionally sturdy fit. Other than improved lower head protection, it also prevents the helmet from getting pushed out of position when that untimely tumble would take place.

Nicol Muller showing us classic mug shots to bring the look of the Casco Full Air RCC close to home. Check the reflection of the interchangeable elastics on top. Great for safety.

As with all German stuff, nothing feels cheap or China. The detachable peak needs a special mention. Other than clipping off super easy, it is small enough to be tucked in your back pocket if you wanna take it off mid-ride. That’s a big plus. The interchangeable reflective elastics on the top makes it a colour coder’s dream. In terms of weight, given it is a one-size-fits-all, the weight of 300 grams give or take, is as good as it is going to get. It would not be a weight weenie’s dream, but the up-side is far superior protection. For more detail regarding design features, follow this link:

Various design features of the Casco Full Air RCC. Look them up on their website.

In line with Casco’s production standards, the attention to detail once again makes it more of a wall piece than something you want to hang in the garage. If you own it you will love it. The Casco Full Air RCC will serve any mountain biker very, very well. From leisure rider to racing snake, investing in a good helmet has always been a have-to. This will be money well spent.

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