The Zone3 Vanquish open water test – Woman’s Day Swim, Big Bay.

Open Water Cover
The Zone3 Vanquish. More racing snake you can’t be.

How do you rate a swim wetsuit’s performance during an open water test, especially in the sea? Unlike a pool test with constant variables, there are many factors that can influence its performance. Waves, chop, currents, wind, all of these have an effect. But it can have a happy ending.

The best way is to end up next to a swimmer with a pace known to you and gauge your own pace accordingly. That luck came my way.  As the hooter sounded for the Women’s Day Swim at Big Bay we all charged for the first buoy. Soon enough I could already see the good swimmers stretching out ahead of me. I had no idea whether the Zone3 Vanquish was turning me into Michael Phelps or not.

As we rounded the second buoy I saw the unmistakable purple-ish wetsuit of legendary ultra- distance triathlete Karla Kik next to me. Karla being a swimmer of note, rubbed my nose in the sea weed during the Big Bay Round the Rocks swim a few months earlier. Right there I had my bench mark. If I could stay with Karla I would be more than happy with the Vanquish’s performance.

Womans Day Swim
Karla and me executing a sprint finish at the Woman’s Day Swim at Big Bay.

We swam quite a choppy, long back leg against the current to the finish and I managed to stay with Karla right till the end. Happiness it was. I was also very pleased with the feel of the suit. Zone3 took comfort and flexibility to the next level with the Vanquish. The Cool Spot on the fore arm works very well and makes for a good catch. The cuff closures are very tight and served me well in the cold Atlantic sea. Getting out of the suit is just like Zone3 likes to brag, faster than fast. It simply falls off your body.

You can definitely buy the Zone3 Vanquish. It is a racing snake’s dream. If you are not a racing snake, buy the Vanquish anyway and make it your dream. I felt, looked and swam like a racing snake in it.

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For the more technical pool review: click the picture below.

The Zone3 Vanquish – Richard Murray’s weapon of choice – let’s have a look.

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