To be in the best shape, you need to be with the best people.


If you thought you are only a physical work in progress when it comes to fitness, you’ve got it wrong. The road to achieving your fitness goals is a learning curve on more than just a physical level. Along the way you will discover lots about yourself, other people, motives, agendas and much more. When you look back in time, you would not want to picture your life without it. Whether you are a professional athlete, a competitive age group athlete, or just a weekend warrior, the people that share and care about your goals play a vital part. They can make you, or break you.

Jodie Swallow, professional ultra-distance triathlete, has written this excellent blog on the role and nature of the people she relies on to be in the best space she can be for optimal results. Key lessons we can draw from this article are about the value of good people, cutting the clutter, and keeping the road to success honest and uncomplicated.

Click on the link and spend 5 minutes to read this valuable blog.

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