Yoga for triathletes – What the Triangle Pose does for you


Meghan Janse van Rensburg shows us the Triangle Pose in this issue of yoga for triathletes. The actual term for it is “Trikonasana”. What are the benefits? If you look closely, you will see various muscles groups that will benefit from added flexibility and good form for better swimming, biking and running. Let’s zoom in on a few.

Executing the Triangle Pose has an overall positive effect on core strength, but definite muscles get a good treatment in terms of stretching and flexibility.


For swimming: the upwards and downwards extended arms with the rolled-back torso (1) adds flexibility for a relaxed rotation of the upper body during swimming.  The lower back gets loosened up, resulting in a straighter body position in the water for a better glide. It also loosens up the shoulders and back for a better reach (2).

For biking: The same extension (1) of the back decompresses the lower back to facilitate a relaxed back during extended hours in the aero position on the bike. Hamstrings also get contracted and “shortened” after long hours on the bike and the extended front leg (3) gives the hamstrings a good stretch. This results in better running form off the bike.

For running: The stretch for the back leg (4) addresses the iliotibial band. We all know the importance of a flexible iliotibial band and the positive running form that comes with it. As mentioned already, the stretch of the hamstrings means better running form off the bike (3).

Once again you need to know that a yoga class consists of a series of well constructed flowing poses. For the optimal benefits, do it with an experienced yoga teacher. Many top athletes invest in yoga, with great results. Give it a go. The benefits will show on race day.

To arrange classes for your triathlon club or training group, call Meghan on 078 3647618 or mail to

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