Seyffert, De Groot clinch FNB Magalies Monster victories


North West Province – Pieter Seyffert and Robyn De Groot’s FNB Magalies Monster victories at the ATKV in Buffelspoort on Saturday, 21 May 2016 did not come without its fair share of challenges.

Seyffert completed the 70km FNB Magalies Monster MTB Classic in an impressive time of 03 hours 26 minutes 31 seconds. “The route was very challenging,” says a delighted Seyffert. “I took it easy on the technical and flat sections, and pushed on the uphills. There were sections without single track that were really bumpy and rocky. I felt for the guys that were on hardtail mountain bikes today. The competition is getting stronger every year. It feels really good to still be able to walk away with a win.” Nico Sterk came in second, while Julius Cobbett finished third.

“The route was easier than what I remembered,” says De Groot. “There wasn’t as much climbing, but it was good. Amy had a great race and added some pressure in the beginning. I knew the route though, so I wasn’t stressed.”

“It was nice and technical,” continues De Groot. “I came off of my bike on a downhill that was about 20km from the finish. The fall definitely disturbed my rhythm. I could feel my collarbone, but I felt comfortable holding onto my handlebars. Crossing the finish line first is a nice feeling, especially after my crash. The FNB Magalies Monster is a good race to win. I really think more professional mountain bikers should race this event.” De Groot’s 70km FNB Magalies Monster MTB Classic victory was secured in a well-deserved time of 03 hours 38 minutes 37 seconds. Amy Beth McDougall came in second, while Theresa Ralph finished third.

One of the North West Province’s most revered mountain bike races, the FNB Magalies Monster MTB Classic caters for mountain bikers of all fitness levels by offering a 15km, 35km and 70km route.

Brandon Van der Berg secured the top spot on the podium in the men’s 35km FNB Magalies Monster MTB Classic in a time of 01 hour 45 minutes 28 seconds. Pieter du Toit came in second, while Brendan van Eeden finished third.

Danielle Strydom was the lady to beat in the women’s 35km FNB Magalies Monster MTB Classic crossing the finish line first in 02 hours 01 minutes 52 seconds. Kristen Louw came in second, while Herne Visser finished third.

The 15km FNB Magalies Monster MTB Classic was the source of much excitement with Ian Els crossing the line first in the men’s race in 43 minutes 34 seconds. Liam Mccoy came in second, while Bertie Anderson finished third.

In the women’s 15km FNB Magalies Monster MTB Classic Monique van Wyk was the first rider home in 49 minutes 47 seconds. Jone van Eeden came in second, while Natalie Strydom finished third.

“The camaraderie, spectacular route and intense competition makes this race one of the toughest mountain biking events in the region. This competition is rapidly becoming a flagship event for cyclists in and outside of South Africa, and FNB Business is delighted to be in a position to enable this experience for the cycle enthusiast, including our clients. We congratulate all the participants and the winners and look forward to seeing them next year,” says Mike Vacy- Lyle, CEO FNB Business.

TOP 5 RESULTS: 2016 FNB Magalies Monster MTB Classic

Men 70km

1 Pieter Seyffert 03:26:31, 2 Nico Sterk 03:27:07, 3 Julius Cobbett 03:31:14, 4 Franco Ferreira 03:32:12, 5 Fanie Venter 03:33:24

Women 70km
1 Robyn De Groot 03:38:37, 2 Amy Beth 03:42:53, 3 Theresa Ralph 03:53:34, 4 Tamaryn Kietzmann 04:13:51, 5 Bonny Swanepoel 04:17:02

Men 35km

1 Brandon Van der Berg 01:45:28, 2 Pieter du Toit 01:45:29, 3 Brendan van Eeden 01:49:21, 4 Juan-Pierre Van der Merwe 01:53:49, 5 Riaan Greyling 01:56:00

Women 35km

1 Danielle Strydom 02:01:52, 2 Kristen Louw 02:04:28, 3 Herme Visser 02:23:08, 4 Chantelle Van Staden 02:32:14, 5 Amelia Du Toit 02:34:28

Men 15km

1 Monique Van Wyk 00:49:47, 2 Jone van Eeden 00:50:46, 3 Natalie Strydom 00:52:53, 4 Jennette Visser 00:56:06, 5 Nicole Botha 00:56:40

Women 15km

1 Ian Els 00:43:34, 2 Liam Mccoy 00:43:44, 3 Bertie Anderson 00:48:32, 4 Vincent Buter 00:53:23, 5 Andrico Espach 00:53:43

The excitement will continue on Sunday, 22 May 2016 when eager trail runners gather at the ATKV Buffelspoort to participate in the 4th annual FNB Platinum Trail Run.

Event Information: FNB Platinum Trail Run

Sunday, 22 May 2016
Venue (start & finish):
ATKV Buffelspoort
Distances, cost & start:
24km /07:00 / R300

12km /07:15 / R200

8km / 07:30 / R120

“Entrants can look forward to experiencing the true beauty of the Magaliesberg with its pristine vegetation and magnificent views over the Buffelspoort Valley,” says Harry Schubert, Course Designer FNB Platinum Trail Run. “Running adds a different perspective to the experience of being out in the mountains. The longer 24km distance is regarded as one of the toughest, but most enjoyable trail running events in the country. The stunning views and scenery from the top of the mountain will make all the exertion worthwhile.”

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About the Sponsorship

FNB Business and FNB Private Wealth have made a joint commitment to sponsor the annual Magalies Monster Mountain Bike Classic.

FNB’s ongoing strategy is to support local and community events that show the potential to grow. This sponsorship affirms our dedication to providing an experience that is beyond expectation, through a sporting discipline that continues to grow in popularity as one of the key activities in the South African sporting calendar.

The Magalies Monster Mountain Bike Classic is aligned to our belief that adventure is the heart of innovation and this is one of many platforms on which we seek to make a lasting connection with new and existing clients.


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