Structured swim workouts – a first with the Garmin 735XT multisport watch.


The ability to create a structured swim workout was a first with the 735XT. No more need to have a piece of paper next to the pool to remember a complex workout. You just go to the workout you have synced to your watch it will guide you through your swim set. (The Fenix 3 and 920XT’s software have since then also been upgraded to offer this feature.)

Construct your swim set in Garmin Connect

A swim set is very simple to construct. You just go to Garmin Connect, select workouts and add all the steps according to the set you want to do. Once it is done, sync it to your 735XT and it will be there when you get to the pool. All swimming styles, rest periods, warm ups and cool downs will be accommodated. At the end of your swim set all the splits will be waiting for you to analyse.

Your swim set will be waiting for you on your 735XT

The drills data screen will also make sure you do not get mumbo jumbo when you do kicking, sculling or any other form of drills. In principle the drill screen turns your watch into a stopwatch, while also logging pool length. If you add a swim heart rate strap, you can gauge and analyse your effort levels even better.

The Garmin 735XT is all you need to make swimming interesting and fun, but what stays weird, is that once you press that start button for your workout, somehow the watch feels like a coach. But that is also good.

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