The 5 Fitness P’s. No.1 Passion


Go stand in front of the mirror with as little clothes as morally acceptable and marvel at the machine that is your body. What you are seeing in the mirror should fill you with passion. The question is, does it?

If it does, we will assume that you are exercising the principles of “nothing worthwhile comes easy” and “you are what you eat” and many other health mantras. You live the passion.

The less desirable scenario is that you might have let good habits slip for months or even years, and now you are stuck with a body and health that are not exactly as planned. The fact is, in ages gone by, a healthy body was required to get food on the table, but now, hunting and gathering fruit are no more required. Just pick up the phone and order a pizza. No fitness required. You don’t even have to walk into nature to be entertained. Just switch on the TV for entertainment. No movement other than pressing a button required.

The problem is, with technology aimed at making life easy and comfortable, the need to be fit is not a “must”. It is so not necessary, that if you pursue it with enthusiasm, you will be called a “fitness fanatic”. Welcome to your own sub-culture. If fitness then, is not required, how do you find the passion?


To find the passion for fitness in today’s life, you need to be marvelled by your own body as the most wonderful creation on earth and with it, the desire to look after it as best you can. No matter how rich or poor you are, being fit is something you cannot buy. Anything that valuable is worthy of passion. So be passionate about fitness and maintain it with cycling, running, swimming, the gym, or any other sport. Modern technology makes it easy to live a “good life” from the couch, so it is on you to marvel at how wonderful your own body is and get active. If you keep your body in shape with the activity or sport of your choice, you will be showered with great experiences, day after day. In the end, your life is made up of just that: one day after the other. Live each one to its “fittest fullest”.

If you can’t be passionate, it means that you have given up, or don’t care any more about being fit. But as the meme says: Bill does care, and Bill doesn’t give up. Be like Bill”. Be passionate about fitness.

Next time: P2: Purpose. Stay tuned.

(This is an elaboration on the 5 P’s as found in Joe Friel’s book: The Triathlete’s Training Bible”)


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