The Attakwas Trail Run – 17 December. The trail run year end party.

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If you want to join the year-end party of South African trail running, the Attakwas Trail Run, starting at Paardebont near Oudthoorn, is where you want to be on 17 December. If you think it is to late to enter, we have good news. It is not. You can still enter on the day. There are two race distances on offer: the Attakwas Extreme, and the Mini.

For the serious trail runner, the obvious choice is the Attakwas Extreme, 29 kilometres of trail bliss. You will start at the Saffraan river and head traight south to the shark infested waters of Mossel Bay. After a 13 kilometer ascent you will summit the highest point, where you can loot a 32Gi stocked feeding station at will. That should leave you with more than enough energy to get to kilometer 22, where you can stock up again for the final 7 kilometers towards the finish line at Bonniedale Holiday Farm in Mossel Bay.

What are the benefits? You can either spend your holiday in a generic way blowing up beach balls and wiping soft serve stains of your clothes, or do something you will never forget. Step out of your comfort zone and go for the Attakwas Trails. The Extreme is the first option, but the Mini is definately a worthy, but more forgiving alternative. If you do the long one, you will see some of the most beautiful parts of South Africa. The Outeniqua mountain range, ancient ox wagon trails, the Grootkloof descent and endless single track will be waiting. If you do the short one, you will get enough of an adrenaline injection to make you return next year for the long one.

The Attakwas Trail Run is not only for the alpha dogs, it is also a perfect event for the whole family. The Attakwas Mini Trail offers 8 kilometers of exciting trail running, but be careful not to underestimate it. Starting at Bonnievale, the trail takes participants straight up to meet the Extreme Trail course for the final 5 kilometers.

How should you approach this event if you are left with a short term decision? If you trained for it, you are fine. Experienced trail runners will know what they are in for. If you are a very fit person courtesy of mountain biking, triathlon or any other endurance sport, you could consider the Extreme. Just be sure you have raced for a continuous six hour time span. The fastest finisher last year completed the Extreme in 2 hours 15 minutes and the back markers in 5 hours plus. If you have never done an extreme endurance event, do the Mini, or go shopping in a mall.

Ok. Now that you have made up your mind, click on the link below and familiarize yourself with the details. You can enter on the day, just get your itinerary sorted out in the meantime. See you at the Attakwas Trail Run.




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