The Cochoqua 3 Day Trail Race, 23-25 September, Boschendal – Trail runner’s dream come true.


Trail running has gained great popularity in South Africa, and for a good reason. South Africa has natural beauty and good weather like nowhere else in the world. The Cape wine lands in particular has some of the most scenic mountains and vistas, and traversing it for three days on foot would be any trail runner’s dream. Amoija Events saw the opportunity and turned this dream into reality. After two years of hard work, the inaugural Cochoqua three day trail race will take place on the weekend of 23-25 September, based at the prestigious Boschendal wine estate.

Why is it called the “Cochoqua” trail race? In the 1670’s the Cochoqua Khoi tribe had to survive trekking the same valleys and hills in a matter of life and death. Once a proud tribe, their tribal leader, Gonnama was instrumental to their success, but the Cochoqua tribe were defeated during the second Khoikhoi – Dutch war 1670. On the death of their leaders, the tribe dispersed, with some trekking towards the Orange River, while others were in the service of colonists. The Cochoqua Trail Race will challenge you much like Gonnama and his tribe were tested. You will need to conquer the valleys once roamed by this famous tribe. The second stage is called Gonnama’s Revenge, and for a good reason. Come and find out.

What will make the Cochoqua stage race so special? The fact is you will go home with memories for a life time,  and there are definite reasons for it. Of course the first one would be what has already been mentioned: the unbridled, beautiful nature of the Banhoek and Stellenbosch. Runners will be taken on routes that are of usually off limits, allowing them to enjoy uncharted territory. Runners will be up close and personal with nature as seldom experienced. During each stage runners will see and smell the Cape fynbos like never before.

Secondly, the fact that the stages are relative short in distance, offers a win-win recipe. For racing snakes the race will be as tough as they make it, while the not-so-do-or-die participants would not be at the mercy of endless attrition in terms of distance. Late Friday afternoon the 10-15 km prologue will take place from Boschendal. The 20-25 Km course of Saturday’s stage two will take runners towards Stellenbosch, traversing the old Elephant Pass. This original route over the Franschhoek Pass Mountains follows the tracks of the San and migratory game of bygone years, hence the name Elephant Pass. The final stage of 18-20 Km on Sunday runs through the exciting single track of Boschendal, promising endless fun.


The catch however, is that the stunning views from the top will come at a price. This means a lot of climbing awaits runners. But as mentioned already, you can race it hard, or take it as your body allows you and enjoy the scenery. At the end of every day however, the sense of reward for conquering the course will be appreciated as much as the beauty of it.

The third count is all about the professional presentation of the event in terms of entry packages, the accommodation and the great vibe that comes with it. Runners can choose from various entry packages for the Cochoqua Trail Race. You can enter as a team or as a solo runner, and experience the race on your own terms. See below the various packages on offer.

House inside

Entry fees: Solo

R2 500 – Solo Entry – No accommodation, no meals (50 entries)

R3000 – Solo Entry – Tented accommodation – one man tent, Breakfast, lunch & dinner (25 entries)

Entry fee: Teams (2p/team)

R2 000 – p/person – no accommodation, no meals (50 Teams)

R2 500 -p/person – Tented accommodation – one man tent, Breakfast, lunch & dinner (50 Teams)

R4 500 -p/person – Luxury accommodation at race village – breakfast, Lunch & dinner (18 Teams)

R8 500.00 p/person – Black Package 5 star Accommodation. Breakfast, Lunch & dinner (5 VIP teams)

The Black package

There will only be 5 teams that can enter for this package.

This will be an exclusive entry to the race and the team will be treated as VIP’s. Picking you up at the Airport (should you fly in) bringing you to your luxury stay at Boschendal.

This will not be the only extra you will receive but you will get the chance to start each day with the top 10 teams. VIP’s will also receive a team masseuse/masseur making sure they are ready for the next day. You just need to run.

Race Summary

Day 1: ±10 – 15km Boschendal (prologue)

Day 2: ±20 -25km Banhoek Valley

Day 3: ±18-20km Boschendal

Max Total: 60km

Prize money: To be announced

Categories Teams (2p/team)

Cat 1: Male & Female (open)

Cat 2: Male & Female (Vets 40+)

Cat 3: Mixed

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