The Fairview Dryland Traverse and Nicol Muller – the best rocky relationship ever.

The balancing act of the day.

As much as you have missed out if were not at the Fairview Dryland Traverse, to the same measure I was happy to know just one stage was between me and the final finish line of this event. I was bruised, but not willing to be beaten and the end was in sight.

Being woken up by cheerful laughter and banter around the campsite, I rolled out of the bed with very sore legs. The pain equated to what I felt the day after my first marathon last year. Yikes, how was I going to add another 11km to my legs?

Time for breakfast with team mate Frank Smuts and join the rest of the campsite under the main marque. Today we started later from De Hoek Mountain Resort so no need to shuttle anywhere. Team EverFit was sitting 6th in the mixed team category for the weekend so far. I hoped my lead legs would not put us too much further down the ranks.

Telling the gravity gods to put their forces on hold

Time to start the last 11km of the weekend. Slowly edging our way to the front of the pack where all the top men and woman were.

Carel Bezuidenhout did the countdown and off we went into the bushes. The route today was relatively easy compared to the 2 days before and took us across fields, into a bit of forest with stream crossings and some obstacle course options for the brave, up mountains so a little bit of everything. Even some road where I am in my comfort zone and could speed up my tired legs.

As sore as I was my race brain once again kicked in the last 2km and pain somewhat faded. No mixed team would now pass us. Stopping for a snap about 300m from the end saw a mixed team right behind us…poof…I was gone at 4min/km across the last bit of field to the finish line. Champagne and cheers to all the successful finishers of this great event.

One more river to cross in life.

There were times this weekend where I doubted my capabilities, where I was sore and miserable. Looking back…I would do it all over again, and again, and again.

Dryland pulled out all the stops for the athletes this weekend. We had an endless supply of food and refreshments from morning to night, everything from cheese and crackers to chocolate mousse and milkshakes to wholesome cooked meals to fill our bellies up. A fully stocked bar with beer, wine, ciders was a winner after the long days out in the mountains. A chill out zone with comfortable couches and beanbags saw us athletes relaxing with feet up as well as the option of going for a massage to ease the hard worked muscles. We had hot water showers (if you had the patience to wait) or you could opt for a cold shower if you were desperate. I opted to have a cider or two while waiting, after all what’s the rush?

Team EverFit between a rock and a hard place, but loving it.

To Fairview Dryland Traverse, thank you for the amazing adventure. I would recommend everyone from weekend warriors to  racing snakes to give this event a bash. It’s more than a race, it’s more than a trail run, it’s a lifetime of memories that you can treasure forever. Make a big tick on your calendar for 2017 and join us!

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