The Garmin 735XT widgets – Your fit life at a glance

The "last run" widget.
The “last run” widget.

The widgets on your 735XT are a sequence of screens that help you get a handle on your fit life, in an instant. They are accessed via the scrolling buttons, and can be arranged in your preferred order. So which ones would make your life easier?

The heart rate widget gives you on the spot reading of your heart rate reading. Running at full pace, sipping pina coladas or a fit of road rage, all the lows and highs will all be reflected on your heart rate widget in real time.

The “last run”, “last ride” or “last swim” widgets do just that. No need to go to history and fumble around for your bragging rights. There’s even “last sport”, in case you suffer of short term memory loss. After a race you can show your finish time with one button press and destroy your race buddies’ egos instantaneously.

Widgets: heart rate, last run, weather, my day, notifications, controls, calories, footsteps, intensity minutes

The notifications widget helps you get back to messages you were alerted to but could not read at the time. Simply scroll down the list and press enter to read a message.

The “controls” widget offers great shortcuts to disable or enable bluetooth for extended battery life, while “manual syncing”, “do not disturb” and “find my phone” come in handy all the time.

The activity tracking widget displays your daily step count, step goal, distance traveled, calories, and sleep statistics. You can add a calender (that syncs with your smartphone), weather, intensity minutes, “my day” and many more.

Of course you can end up with information overload, but the great part is that you can choose to display the info you want and nothing more. Widgets are there to simplify your life and they do it very efficiently. Use them!

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