Why you should buy expensive training gear.


Does it make sense to spend R2000 on a pair of good running shoes, R50 000 on a good bicycle, R8000 on a GPS training watch, or R1400 for gym tights? If you are a millionaire, it might be easier to do it, but most of us are not. Spending that kind of “ridiculous” money however, might just make a lot of sense.

Great physical form and fitness cannot be bought, or ordered online. That’s why it is priceless. All it really asks for, is good eating habits and consistent training. For the not so motivated and disciplined person, flopping down on a couch is so much easier, but that turns you into a potato. Here’s where the spending comes in. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete or a newbie, just the smell of brand new running shoes makes you want to go for a run, and uploading your cycling session to Strava from your new GPS watch is as exciting.


But there’s a problem. If you are a newbie at training for a healthy lifestyle, spending top dollar is motivating, but the smell and look of new gear soon wear off and the stark reality of relentless training for results that are far from visible, sets in. So often, sliding back to old habits occurs and nothing is achieved. All that is left is a sense of failure.

Here’s the thing: remember all those reasons you used to convince yourself to spend that money? They have not changed. Remember the goals you had in mind? They are still there. All the physical and emotional benefits that come with the initial goal are still waiting for you. Spending all that money has only brought you to a point where you exposed your ability, or inability, to chase something that you can’t yet see. Pursuing something you can’t see but only envision, is a uniquely human quality. Of all living beings only humans can pursue a vision. This pursuit gets built on character and fuelled by faith. After all, you can’t buy new running shoes or gear all the time to keep going.

cascospeedair Your body is your vehicle for life. It deserves to be as sleek and efficient as an Italian sports car. Remind yourself of the goals that got you to buy those shoes, the bike, even the tights, but tweak your motivation and start chasing the goal you can’t see right now. Nothing worthwhile comes easy, but it will. That blind, day-in day-out pursuit will show your character and get you to reach your physical goal.


Fitness and good health can’t be bought, inherited or sold. They are uniquely yours and will add true quality to your life. Its value will always exceed the price tag of any expensive shoes or gear. So spend it and validate it. And yes, sometimes true quality can be measured by something as shallow as a two-sizes-smaller pair of jeans, 5 kilo’s less on the scale or a new 5 Km personal-best run time. Best of all, it will make you smile.

Others have done it. You can do it even better. Keep going!



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