Zone3 swim wetsuits – now available in South Africa


South Africa’s very own Olympic star, Richard Murray, knows that every second counts. Lately you might have seen him wearing a Zone3 wetsuit. Surely the reason has to be speed, and nothing else. The same swim wetsuit technology is available to every triathlete in South Africa, right now. Zone3 wetsuits will deliver on race day. It is a proven fact.

After years of research and development by elite athletes at Loughborough University, one of Europe’s leading sports research facilities, Zone3 was launched in 2009. The range has continued to develop and grow, catering for every aspect of the triathletes wardrobe. From wetsuits, and tri apparel, to swimwear and accessories – it’s suited for beginners all the way through to professionals.


The Zone3 Victory, Vision and Vanquish wetsuit. Any swimmer’s dream.

Zone3 got the stamp of approval when the Vanquish wetsuit got a 9/10 review in 220 Triathlon magazine. Subsequently, in 2010 the Aspire wetsuit got a 10/10 review, the only wetsuit to ever receive full marks. Since then, Zone3 won a countless number of awards.

In weeks to come, EverFit will review the full range of Zone3 wetsuits available in South Africa. Stay tuned, and you will get to know the difference between a wetsuit that is average, and a wetsuit that is way above average, both in terms of quality and design.

For more information mail to or contact 0794824658

Till next time, happy swimming.

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